For vendors: when a product is listed on our website, Ulonet reserves the right to charge fees for listing an item as well as charging a fee once the item is sold. Every time an item is listed, the lister can review the fees that they will be charged. If they do not accept, they will not be able to list their product. Only by accepting the fees will they be able to list their products.

Our fees, as well as our terms and conditions, are subject to change at any time without notice. Once a fee or a policy is changed, all of the vendors and customers will be notified through an automatic email. Ulonet may temporarily change fees for listing and selling during promotional events such as holiday sales, back-to-school sales, or if the customer purchasing the product has a special circumstance like a coupon.

Ulonet may change any of the services we offer at any time. We also reserve the right to introduce a new service and its respective fees and policies. Once a fee is listed, and a policy is changed, it will go into effect immediately. All fees are displayed in US dollars.

It is the vendor’s or lister’s responsibility to pay all fees required by our company. It is also the responsibility of the vendor or lister to pay any taxes required by their country.

Regarding third-party websites

Ulonet is not responsible for the information available on third-party websites, even if our website links to their website. Our website may contain links that redirect to other sites. We pride ourselves in cooperating with responsible and professional vendors, providers, and shipping companies, among other parties. But we cannot be responsible for what is displayed on a website that is not owned and operated by us.

Ulonet does not have the authority to influence the legality, accuracy, or availability of products on other businesses’ websites. Any links to third-party websites and businesses are used as a reference. We do not endorse, agree with, or promote any information stated on third-party websites.

Vendors and the Marketplace

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, all customers, visitors, and vendors, along with other parties that work in cooperation with the Ulonet, agree to our policies and guidelines. A business is free to change any policy or term, or condition without notice. The change will go into effect once the change is made.

While all parties associated with Ulonet will receive an email about the change, not receiving any mail notification does not influence the validity of the change. If there is a conflict between any Ulonet policies and the terms and conditions, the conflict will automatically side with the terms and conditions.

Listings and policies

It is the responsibility of the vendor to set the listing price of each item they have listed to include shipping costs that agree with Ulonet shipping policies. Ulonet also reserves the right to add a fee to any listing. By adding a listing to our website, the vendor and lister agree that the listing and the item conform to the requirements of the listing policy. The lister also agrees that the item can be sold legally. In regards to the items page, it is the responsibility of the vendor to provide descriptions, images, model numbers, and the full cost of the item in stock. They must also provide the correct price. It is not our responsibility or fault if a product has an incorrect price and it’s sold for less or more than what the vendor intended.

Ulonet reserves the right to delete any listing or remove any feature on a products page that does not follow the listing policy. The website also can stop a vendor from selling products on its site for any reason.

Ulonet does not endorse or approve any material that is uploaded by vendors or customers to any area of the website. The company also reserves the right to remove any comment, listing, post, product page, profile, or any other text or item uploaded to the site; the company can remove anything without having to notify the poster. Anything that does not comply with the company’s terms of use along with their terms and conditions will be removed, and the uploader may face the consequences. If there is offensive material uploaded to the site, Ulonet is not responsible for the length of time it takes to remove the material.

Transactions and payments in the Marketplace

Any transactions that take place on the Ulonet website must adhere to the payment policies of said website. Both buyers and sellers agree to their respective policies created by the company and must adhere to any policies, even the policies that have been changed recently. Payments made through the website can be transacted by Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, or other third-party payment providers.

Before the transaction is complete, both the seller and the buyer must agree upon the method of payment. Sellers and buyers who wish to conduct their transactions through cash. If need be, and both the seller and buyer agree, transactions can be conducted and completed in person. It is the responsibility of the seller to confirm that the buyer pays the full amount of the agreed-upon transaction plus any taxes and shipping expenses before the sale is complete. Ulonet is not responsible for any monetary damages that affect the buyer or the seller due to low or insufficient payment. The company is also not responsible for the seller and their inability to receive full and proper payment from the buyer.

After the transaction is complete, Ulonet will adhere to the translation. If a transaction is conducted without the services of Ulonet, the company will not be part of the transaction. If a company is not part of the transaction, the buyer or seller may not be able to use its transactional services or rely on its returns and refunds services.

Communication between parties Visa Master American Express

It is the responsibility of the seller, not the company, to support and resolve any issues related to sales. It is the responsibility of the company to resolve issues involving the Marketplace or the website. In order to ensure excellent customer service and return customers, the seller must dedicate their time and effort to assisting buyers and resolving their issues and concerns. Any communication between the buyer and the seller must be conducted as per the policies established for the Marketplace.

Once the monetary transaction is completed, it is the responsibility of the seller to complete the order, provide a shipping number for the package, and complete the transaction quickly and effectively. Unless there is an extenuating circumstance, all transactions must follow the policies around sales and delivery.