1 Inch Bi-metal Hole Saw Hss Drill Bit With 1.5 Inch Deep For Cutting Metal Wood Plastic



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  • Tooth Configuration Is Ideal For Gliding Through Material To Provide Smooth Cuts, Larger, Sharper Teeth For Faster Cutting, And Ejector Spring Aids Core Quick Release After Cut
  • Made Of Bi-metal Hss (high-speed Steel), This Hole Saw Has Less Risk Of Tooth Breakage And Higher Heat Resistance For Long-lasting Cutting
  • This Heavy Duty Bimetal Hole Saw Drill Bit Is Designed For Cutting, Metal, Hardwood, Plastic, Aluminum,steel Tubes/sheet ,stainless Steel Sheet
  • Available In 1 Inch Diameters With 1.5 Inch Drill Depth. The Bi-metal Hole Saw Fits All Standard Adapters , Mandrel And Drill Bit Work With Any 1/2″ Drills