10 Ton Winch Snatch Block Towing Pulley Blocks 22,000 Lbs Capacity, Offroad Recovery Accessory For Truck, Tractor, Atv & Utv



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  • Universal Fit: Works With 7/32 – 3/8″ Steel Cable Or Synthetic Rope
  • Sturdiness: Made Of Heavy Duty Steel, Max. Load At 10 Ton (22,000 Lbs), Suitable For Most Offroad Recovery Situations
  • Heavy Duty: Double The Winch Pulling Power To Easily Drag Truck Tractor Atv Or Utv Out Of Snow Or Anywhere That Needs Recovery
  • Note: Please Check If It’s Deformed Before Use, If So, Remember To Replace For New Ones And, Use Grease Fitting For Maintenance
  • Offroad Saver: Rotate The Two Rings For Angled Pulls And Anti-corrosion Coatings Making It A Reliable Offroad Accessory