162970 X2 Rodent Proof Garage Door Seal Kit; 8 Ft. X 1.375 In. X 1.5 In. Pest Control Retainer



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  • Kit Includes Everything Needed To Replace Old Seals With The X2 Rodent Proof Garage Door Seals: Retainer, Door Seal, Brush Seal, Mounting Screws, And Installation Instructions
  • Xcluder Rodent Proof Door Seal Consists Of Multiple Protective Layers – an Outer Layer Of Heavy-duty Rubber, A Layer Of Stainless Steel Screen, And An Inner Core Of Xcluder Fill Fabric – Creating A Barrier That Pests And Rodents Are Unable Or Unwilling To Gnaw Through
  • Measure The Width And Thickness Of The Garage Door To Choose The Right Size Kit. For In-between Widths, Choose The Next Larger Size, And Trim For An Exact Fit
  • Xcluder X2 Rodent Proof Garage Door Seal Kit Keeps Pests Out With A Unique Combination Of Rodent Proof Door And Brush Seals To Provide Dependable Protection Against Rodents, Insects, And Pests
  • Brush Seal Conforms To Uneven Surfaces And Eliminates Tiny Gaps, Providing Protection From Even The Smallest Insects