1Pcs Pir Ir Pyroelectric Infrared Module Adjust Relay Output Human Body Sensor Dc12v Range 5-8M



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  • Relay Switch: Can Withstand High Current Output, High Power Load.
  • It Is Suitable For Automatic Lighting Of Corridors, Bathrooms, Basements, Warehouses, Etc., Automatic Ventilation Of Exhaust Fans, And Automatic Control Of Other Electrical Appliances.
  • When Someone Enters Switch Sensing Range, Special Sensors To Detect Changes In The Human Body Infrared Spectrum, Switch Automatically Switches The Load, Do Not Leave The Sensing Range (who Are Active), The Switch Will Continue To Turn; Person Left, Switch Off Automatically Load Delay. People To Light, People From The Lights Out, Kind Convenient, Safe Energy.
  • Bipolar Design: Three-wire Connection.
  • Adjustable Delay Time, Ultra Low Power.