Best Combination Professional Grade Japanese Stainless Steel Scissors, PH-57



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  • Micro-serrations Hold The Object Without Slippage Such As Aramid Fiber, Plastic Plate, Etc.
  • 3mm-thick Blades Made Of Stainless Steel, Excellent Cutting Performance
  • U-shaped Blade Ideal For Cutting Power Supply Cords, Coaxial Cable, Rope, Etc.
  • The Overlapping Guard On The Scissors Prevents Your Fingers From Being Pinched.
  • 2-in-1 Anti-slip Serrations And U-shaped Blade For Cutting Cords And More
  • 2-tone Handles Made Of Cushioned Rubber (TPR) + Shock-proof Abs, Ideal For Heavy-duty And Fatigue-free Work
  • PH-57