Food Safety Thermometer, Traceable Temperature Monitor Without Wires Or Batteries



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  • Freezermeter Is The Safest And Easiest Way To Monitor The Temperature Of Your Food – According To The Fda, Your Frozen Food May Be Hazardous To Your Health If Left At Room Temperature For Just Two Hours.
  • Made With Nearly Indestructible Pet Plastic That Won’t Crack Or Break From Repeated And Prolonged Freezing.
  • Easy Installation. Just Freeze The Water In Your Freezermeter Tube, Place The Red Ball At The Top Of The Ice And Hang In Your Freezer.
  • If Your Freezer Fails And Comes Back On Hours Later Without You Noticing, A Thermometer Would Only Show The Temperature At The Time You Checked While Freezermeter Would Show You That, At Some Point, Your Freezer’s Temperature Was Too Low And Your Food May Not Be Safe.
  • Scientifically Proven To Provide Reliable Information, Every Time. Any Freezer, Any Size.