Hand Drill With 10 Drill Bits, Jewelry Drill, Resin Drill, Mini Drill, Hand Drill For Jewelry Making, Pin Vise Hand Drill, Hand Drill For Resin, Micro Drill Bit, Mini Drill Set



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  • Mr. Pen Hand Drill Includes: 1 X Aluminum Alloy Hand Drill + 10 X Hardened Stainless Steel Twist Drill Bit In 10 Sizes
  • Easy To Use And Superior Performance, Makes Perfect Precise Holes
  • Anti-slip Grip, And Comfortable Swivel Head, Perfect For Diy Projects
  • Easily Rotate Head To Clamp The Drill Bit In 0.6 – 3.0mm
  • Ideal For Wood, Plastic Beeswax, Small Model Kits, Not Metal