Stark Dead Blow Hammer 6lbs-Pound With Non-slip Hammer With 6lbs Head, Orange



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  • Resistant Material – Hammer May Look Soft, But It Can Take A Lot. It’s Also Resistant To Water, Oil, Grease, And Many Other Chemicals That Would Easily Degrade Other Hammers
  • Non-marring, Non-sparking – Unicast Poly Molded Body Prevents Hammer From Wearing Away Between The Head And Handle And Material Prevents Sparks Upon Impact
  • Versatile Hammer – Great For Work On Automobiles, Construction, And Other Delicate Surfaces You Want To Prevent From Marring And Sparking.
  • Resistant To Extreme Temperatures – The Dead Blow Hammer Is Resistant To Extreme Temperatures, Meaning It’ll Stay Strong Through Extreme Heat And Cold.
  • Built For Harsh Impact – While These Dead Blow Hammers Are Fitted With Hundreds Of Steel Shot Pellets, The Polyurethane That Makes Up This Dead Blow Hammer Is Specifically Designed To Remain Intact Through Harsh Impact.