Yellow Teflon Tape Ptfe Thread Tape Gas Line Pipe Tape Roll, 1/2″ Wide, Fuel Thread Tape Temperature Range – 450˚F To 550˚F, Yellow



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  • Key Features – Gas Line Tape Is Inert. Therefore It Does Not React, And Its Elasticity And Ability To Self-lubricate Allow Filling The Space Between The Thread Protrusions As Much As Possible.
  • Approximate Dimensions – The Length Of Our Gas Line Tracer Tape Is 472.4 “, The Width Is 1/2” Wide. Wezer Teflon Tape Yellow Is Designed For Professionals Who Like To Do Their Job Quickly And Efficiently.
  • Easy To Use – Gas Sealant Tape Wezer Sold Wound On A High-sided Reel To Protect Against Damage And Unwind. Additionally, It Is Closed With A Lid, Making It Possible To Store The Gas Thread In The Same Box With Another Tool.
  • Sealing Temperature – From 450 Degrees F To 550 Degrees F (-268 Degrees C To 288 Degrees C) Pressures – To 10,000 Psi (680 Bar), Yellow Tape For Gas Line Usage.
  • Range Of Application – Wezer Yellow Teflon Tape Specially Designed To Improve The Tightness Of Threaded Connections On Gas Pipelines. Our Gas Teflon Tape Safe And Suitable For Use With Oxygen And On Food Lines.