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Information required for purchases and orders

In order to successfully make a purchase on the Ulonet website, every customer must include their name, email address, provide a valid address, a credit card, the stripe account number, and any other important information required on the order change. If a customer is not able to provide all of the information required for the purchase, they will not be able to fulfill their order.

When a customer uploads their valid credit/debit card to the Ulonet website, we vow not to perform credit checks or sell your credit card information to third parties. However, Ulonet does reserve the right to run your credit card information through a third party to check the authenticity of the identity. This is to prevent scammers and thieves from using someone else’s credit card information.

Ulonet reserves the right to hold any and all provided information, as well as the credit and debit card numbers or stripe accounts, and run it through a third party that conducts anti-fraud checks. The anti-fraud agencies will keep a record of all the information that we provide.

Ulonet does reserve the right to cancel your order for any reason whatsoever, including insufficient payment, invalid address, or the stripe or credit card was flagged as stolen or fraud.